Tottenham Not Signing Long-Term Contracts With 30s, Levy’s Decision

He will change the club’s stance. Tottenham Hotspur will do its best to protect Son Heung-min (31).

U.K. media “Spursweb” weighed on the possibility of renewing the contract on Wednesday (Korea time), saying Tottenham will ensure Son’s treatment. “Tottenham and Son are currently negotiating. Son is Tottenham’s leader and star player who shows the face of the club globally,” the media said. “His talent still shows no sign of falling from the top level. Tottenham will make a huge offer including a significant salary increase.”

Son is still at his peak. Entering his ninth year as a member of Tottenham Hotspur, Son has played 398 games in total, scoring 159 goals. He is tied for fifth with the most goals scored in the club’s history. Established in 1882, Son is one of the top five strikers in Tottenham’s 142 years of history. He has displayed consistent growth as well. Since scoring 21 goals in his second year of joining the club, Son has scored double-digit goals for eight consecutive seasons.

Judging from 토토사이트, this season is the same. It is the pillar supporting Tottenham, which has made huge changes. He is uniting Tottenham, which has become younger as captain. One of the parts to evaluate Son for this season is his leadership. “He was the captain in a transitional situation and demonstrated his true leadership both on and off the field,” said Football London last year. “He was the central striker in this season and displayed a sense of responsibility by wearing the captain’s armband.”

Son Heung-min’s every move represents Tottenham.

His role as a bridge between freshmen and young players makes his teammates acknowledge his influence. Mickey van der Pen recently said, “He is a top-class player both on and off the field. He leads the team inside the stadium and thinks only about soccer outside. The same applies to private conversations. You can see how threatening his ball touch and finish is on the pitch. He is the player who always makes us focus on soccer.”

Both the leader and the ace are not lacking. He displayed good pace even right before the A-match period. At the match against Aston Villa, which was considered a watershed moment in Tottenham’s race for fourth place in the English Premier League, he scored one goal and two assists, displaying explosive capability that enabled him to score three of the four goals his team posted. He thus garnered great reviews from local media. In fact, the Premier League secretariat selected Son Heung-min as the MOM (player of the match) announced after the match.

Furthermore, British media outlets Sky Sports, Football London, and Evening Standard all gave Son the highest ratings among the players of the two teams. Stat-based media outlets such as Huskored Dotcom, Sofa Score, and Foot Mob all gave Son high ratings of over nine points. Foot Mob went one step further and picked Son as the Player of the Week. Son received the highest rating among the players last week with 9.35 points.

Son’s every move represents Tottenham. In particular, his value increased when he saw trash falling on the floor while greeting fans at the match against Aston Villa and bent over to pick up the trash one by one. Local fans who confirmed Son’s personality through reports in the U.K. media showed admiring responses such as “He really is a player that they cannot hate,” “He is not qualified to hold Son in the Premier League,” and “Who in the soccer community cannot hate him?”

Tottenham is thinking about the best treatment for Son Heung-min.

Tottenham is considering the best treatment for Son, who is perfect. Until now, Tottenham did not guarantee long-term contracts to players over the age of 30. He was so sharp when it comes to players’ treatment that he called Daniel Levy a salty kind of guy. However, Son will be infinitely full. The move comes from recognizing Son’s past contributions and judging that the resource is essential for future projects.

Son’s contract with Tottenham expires next summer. Instead, Tottenham has the option of extending his contract for one more year. If this happens, the club will keep Son until 2026 without improving his wife’s salary.

However, considering Son’s influence, Tottenham is considering extending his contract officially. He apparently intends to keep his contract with a new, long-term contract rather than adding one more year. He has often expressed his intention to guarantee a high salary in order to recognize Son’s value. If he renews his contract, which is currently paid 190,000 pounds a week, he could rise to the No. 1 position in Tottenham’s history.

He is expected to be accompanied for a long time. Local media reported that they are weighing on renewing the contract. “We are still in the process of negotiating a new contract between Tottenham Hotspur and Son Heung-min,” Give Me Sports said. “This summer, when we have 12 months left before the contract expires, will be a very important time to decide on the future. We started discussing renewal for the first time last year, and we will take the next step to keep it for a long time.”

“Considering his age, there is a possibility that he will receive one more long-term offer. Tottenham hopes that Son will stay with the team for many years to come,” he added.

I need to tie him up with a new contract…

Tottenham’s intention to renew the contract with Son is not limited to his performance. Media outlets reiterated the importance that Son is not only outstanding on the ground but also a world-class player who promotes his club globally outside the stadium.

There is no doubt that Son and Tottenham will renew their contract. Another media outlet, Team Talk, also said, “Tottenham President Daniel Levy is very interested in extending his contract with Son. We will reject Saudi Arabia’s offer for Son and will remain the best player ever for Tottenham.”

Some even urge Tottenham to renew Son’s contract. “Tottenham would rather sell Choppy Cochrull, the club mascot, than sell Son,” 90 Min said. “His contract expires in 2025. We have to tie him up with a new contract.”

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