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Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance came from behind to win with a set score of 3-1 (22-25 25-1325) in the home game against Jeong Kwan-jang in the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League postseason playoff (best of three games) at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 22nd.

Heungkuk Life Insurance ranked second with 79 points (28 wins and 8 losses) in the regular season. It lost the top spot by one point. This year, it aims to advance to the championship and win the title again. Although it ranked first in the league last season, it suffered a reverse sweep after losing three consecutive games after two consecutive wins against Korea Expressway Corporation in the championship game. To dispel regret, it must first win a ticket to the championship game. Fortunately, it got off to a good start.

Making a comeback in the second half of the third set was crucial. By winning the first match, we had a 100% chance. In the last 17 women’s playoffs, every team that won the first match made it to the championship.

He led the game with a landslide 8-1 lead on the day’s serve. He also led the game with 42.30%-39.35 percent. Willow Johnson (registered name Willow) scored 25 points including four serves (46.67% attack success rate) and Kim Yeon-koung scored 23 points including one block (40.38 percent attack success rate). Tokoku Raina (registered name Raina) added 18 points (attack success rate 39.53 percent) with one block.

Chung went straight to the playoffs as he ranked third in the league with 61 points (20 wins and 16 losses). This spring’s volleyball season is the first in seven seasons since the 2016-2017 season. However, he swallowed the bitter taste in the first game.

Giovanna Milana (registered name Jia) added one more block and struggled with the most points scored by both teams (46.88 percent attack success rate). Megawati Puttywe (registered name Mega) scored 20 points (30.91 percent attack success rate) with two blocks and one serve.

Park Hye-min started in place of Lee, who had to leave the team due to ankle injury, but only scored three points (attack success rate 18.18 percent). Jung Ho-young, who was trying to hold the last leg of the triangle, felt something wrong in the second half of the third set and had to leave the game. He left eight points (70 percent attack success rate).


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