All losses since recruiting James Harden.

The Los Angeles Clippers lost 101-105 against the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season held at Arena on the 13th (Korean time).

On the 31st of last month, the Clippers acquired James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Marcus Morris Sr., Robert Covington, Cannon Martin Jr., Nicolas Batum, a 2028 first-round draft pick, and two second-round picks 안전놀이터

As a result, the Clippers formed the Big Four, which includes Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Harden.

When the Big 4 was formed for the first time, the reaction of fans was half anticipation and half concern. Considering the value of the name alone, it is true that the squad is the number one candidate for the championship, but it cannot be denied that the players are already past their prime. In addition, the addition of Harden, who was difficult to handle in a combination that already did not have much synergy effect, was a concern in many ways in terms of team chemistry.

Before he showed great success after recruiting Harden, George was in serious field goal trouble. In the game in which Harden played, he was mired in a swamp of consecutive losses amid lethargic performance. There was little expectation from his defense. Stormy offensive power was an expected factor, but the Clippers were tied for two consecutive games with scores in the 90s. In the game against the Dallas Mavericks, the offense exploded for the first time in a while, but they showed the worst defense, giving up 144 points, and fell into three consecutive losses.

The game held on the 13th was a golden opportunity to break the losing streak. This was because it was a home game against the Memphis Grizzlies, who were last in the league. Memphis, which had a miserable record of 1 win and 8 losses, was an easy one-win opponent.

However, the Clippers collapsed even against Memphis. Before we know it, we have lost 5 games in a row. George contributed with 26 points, but Leonard was tied for 14 points. Leonard, who failed to make mid-range jumpers in the clutch one after another, failed to play the ace role at all. Harden missed 8 of 12 field goals, scoring 11 points and a goal-loss margin of -28. The margin of gain and loss was overwhelmingly the lowest.

For Memphis, Desmond Bane played well with 27 points. Recently recruited Bismack Biyombo’s performance of 13 points and 12 rebounds was also like Altoran.

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