Shohei Otani, a Japanese star who is very active in the Major League, recently decided to donate baseball gloves to all elementary schools in Japan.

There are approximately 20,000 elementary schools in Japan. Otani announced on his SNS that he would donate three gloves to each elementary school in Japan. A total of 60,000 gloves are being donated, and even if the price of one glove is 100,000 won, it is 6 billion won. It’s a huge donation.

Otani said, “I hope you can have a healthy and enjoyable day through baseball, and I look forward to playing baseball with children who use this glove in the future.” He posted a photo of the glove to be donated along with the words ‘Let’s play baseball’ and his autograph on his SNS.

Japanese media reported, “It is very unusual for a baseball player to donate on a national scale from Hokkaido to Okinawa. The elementary schools targeted include not only public, public, and private schools, but also special support schools.”

However, while I was moved by Otani’s generous donation, I also wondered why there were three gloves. When playing catch, two people can pass each other.

New Balance, which sponsors Otani and manufactures and supplies the children’s gloves that Otani will donate, answered that question.

New Balance said, “Otani, who has enjoyed baseball since childhood, donated three junior baseball gloves (two for right-handers and one for left-handers) to each elementary school across Japan, allowing children to enjoy playing catch. “I’m imagining it,” he said. To be considerate of left-handed people, three gloves will be donated to each school, including one glove for left-handed people. Ohtani throws right-handed and bats left-handed. He did not forget about children who throw with their left hand.

Otani’s intention to be considerate of left-handers was met with a warm response in Japan. “When I was in middle school, there were no gloves for left-handed people in my middle school. I remember catching the ball on my left side, then taking off my glove and throwing it with my left hand, so I am grateful.”, “It is very admirable of Otani to be considerate of left-handed children as well.”, ” “I feel like they are very considerate that there are three in total, two for right-handers and one for left-handers,” he said.

Meanwhile, New Balance plans to carry out delivery with the goal of delivering to all elementary schools in Japan from December to March next year. 스포츠토토

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