KT went through the season preparation process.

Suwon KT won 103-90 in a practice match against Sungkyunkwan University at Suwon KT Victoryum on the 11th.

Both teams had to play without a big man, but KT’s Ha Yoon-ki, Lee Doo-won, and Park Chan-ho were excluded from injury and national team selection, respectively, while Sungkyunkwan University’s main center Kim Yoon-sung did not play due to injury.

The coaches of both teams talked about speed and small lineup before the game.

The start of the game was no different. Both teams played based on a quick transition. KT was slightly ahead, Choi Sung-mo and Han Hee-won’s decisive power stood out, and a quick return pass finished with a breakthrough and scored.

It was also the result of preventing Sungkyunkwan University’s attack with media defense and traps added to the full-court press. Sungkyunk

wan University also applied the same defense, and the attack was led by Kang Sung-wook and Park Jong-ha. KT led 6-8 by the middle of the second quarter.

Beyond the center, Sungkyunkwan University showed its power. Jung Bae-kwon connected fast attacks with three-point shots in a row, and his concentration increased in defense to prevent KT’s attack. 42-45, 3 points narrowed in the first minute of the end, and the last point was KT. Choi Sung-mo scored with a tip-off.

Throughout the first half, both teams played the game based on their stamina and activity. Even in the set offense situation, they put pressure on each other by adding a rotation based on man-to-man. KT was ahead by only 5 points.

In the third quarter, KT ran away. It was the result of effectively attacking the defense of Sungkyunkwan University, which showed problems with physical strength. The finish added to the effective space creation stood out. Han Hee-Won made a series of 3-point shots, and Choi Seong-Mo helped. 58-44 at the end of 3 minutes, 14 points in an instant.

When the 4 minutes passed, Sungkyunkwan University made a change by introducing Kang Seong-wook, and with the concentration that revived in the air defense, 55-60, followed by 5 points again. KT continued to engage in close combat by operating the third squad with the keyword ‘improvement of skills’.

There was no significant change in flow. Both teams spent time in a close game by 5-7 points, and eventually KT finished the third quarter with a lead of 72-62, only 5 points.

In the 4th quarter, KT started again with the best lineup including Han Hee-won and Jung Sung-woo. Although the score gap seemed to widen, Sungkyunkwan University also made a close match without losing concentration. At the end of the 3rd minute, KT was ahead 80-74, only 6 points.

As the 3 minutes passed, KT definitely ran away. Sungkyunkwan University took advantage of its weakness and ran away 94-77 with a mix of breakthrough and field goal. Sungkyunkwan University showed problems in physical strength, probably due to fatigue from the continuous practice game, and missed the close game. KT was victorious as it was.

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