I finished the last middle school competition with regrets, apologies, and tears.

Hwabong Middle School lost 65-71 against Myeongji Middle School in the quarterfinals of the “2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League King’s Match” in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon State on the 10th. Hwabong Middle School finished the first half 10 points behind 26-36, and succeeded in chasing in the third quarter to prepare for the final quarter 45-50.

During Hwabong, Song Min-woo said, “When I’m ahead of the competition, I always want to win.” But my body was very tired. “Team is tired and I’m tired”

And then I came back to the game. Song Min-woo said, “I couldn’t respond to the opponent’s pace in the first half. I allowed a lot of points because I was pushed by the opponent’s power. After the first half, the coach encouraged me to start defending again. Thanks to the team working hard and playing together again. I was able to keep up.”

Hwabong Middle School, which widened the game by one point in the second half, narrowed the gap with Myungji Middle School to one to three points, and Song Min-woo succeeded in stealing 65-68 with about seven seconds left before the end of the game, and it was a moment when Hwabong Middle School needed a three-point shot.

Song Min-woo said, “I succeeded in stealing a base at the end. “I needed three points, so I just ran forward,” he said. Song Min-woo quickly dribbled past the half-line but lost the ball, and Ham Tae-young finished the game as a buzzer beater. Song Min-woo sat down on the coat and shed tears. Song Min-woo’s last game record in middle school was 13 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals.

Song Min-woo said, “It was the last tournament of the year with my teammates. I wanted to finish with a victory with my teammates…” and said, “The last tournament ended in defeat because of me. Tears poured out of my sorry heart.”
Hwabongjung’s last tournament of the year ended in the quarterfinals. Song Min-woo’s middle school competition is also over. Now he goes to Muryong High School to prepare for his high school stage. Song Min-woo said, “I want to go to high school because I am taller. I also want to develop my body’s strength so that I can prepare well with my high school hyungs. I want to grow more.”

I wonder how Song Min-woo, who prepares for a bigger stage, will remember the tears of the day and how he will grow in the future.

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