Olympic Volleyball GOAT “Kim Yeon-kyung, the best striker for women”

Kim Yeon-kyung ( Heungkuk Life Insurance) was chosen as the representative spiker for women’s volleyball. It has a special meaning as it was evaluated by the greatest living legend in the history of the Summer Olympics, including the men’s division.

On the 4th, Lang Ping (China) mentioned Kim Yeon-kyung first in an interview reported by the sports media ‘Tiwidarenwang’, ‘Who are the three most versatile strikers in the world in the 21st century?’ Jordan Larson (37, USA) was selected next.

Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s gold medal win at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, winning the tournament’s best athlete award. In 2002 she was inducted into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.

As the head coach of the Chinese women’s national team, she won the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Leader of the Year award by leading the team to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics in Brazil. She is the first case of both men and women to reach the top of the Olympics as both a player and a manager.
During his gold medal season as a player and coach, he was even recognized as the unquestioned world number one. The claim that Lang Ping is Olympic volleyball Greatest Of All Time holds true.

China’s Tiwi Daren Wang said,

China’s Tiwi Darren Wang said, ” – Banghwapyeong – Banghwapyeong Lewis (Cuba) – Flo Hyman (USA) was the third-largest striker in the 20th century,” adding, “Lang Ping, respected as a world leader, had excellent insight, knowledge, and an eye for players.”

Why did Kim Yeon-kyung be judged as the number one striker in women’s volleyball in the 21st century? explained.
‘Tiwidarenwang’ said, “There seem to be many fans who do not object to Lang Ping’s statement, ‘In my opinion, Kim Yeon-kyung is the best versatile spiker in women’s volleyball today.’ She agreed, saying, “She can be said to be the best main striker in the world in the 21st century.”

Kim Yeon-kyung won the 2011-12 season European Champions League and Olympic MVP and top scorer. The official SNS of the International Volleyball Federation, “Volleyball World”, said that she played a decisive role in the 4th place in the Tokyo Olympics in Korea, and she was selected as the best female player in 2021.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) OTT service’Olympic Channel’ English edition introduced in September 2022, “Kim Yeon-kyung retired from the national team, but is still the world’s most famous female volleyball player.”

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