Lee Jung-hyun had to accept defeat once again.

Seoul Samsung lost 51-88 to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2023-2024 Cheongjang Professional Basketball League at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium on Friday. It lost all nine games in 2024 and has been mired in a seven-game losing streak to Hyundai Mobis. Its 2023-2024 season has a record of 5 wins and 30 losses.

The core of Samsung is Coffey Coburn. Coburn has physical strength, strength, and ability to finish under the basket. It can cope with the opponent’s cooperative defense to some extent. This is why teams that face Samsung are wary of Coburn.

If Samsung’s domestic players create synergy with Coburn, Samsung’s power can double. In other words, if Samsung’s outer resources shoot, Coburn’s under-the-goal power can be increased.

However, Samsung failed to create a synergy effect between Coburn and Korean players. Young players who can throw three-point shots (Shin Dong-hyuk and Cho Joon-hee) have been away for a long time, and Coburn’s frontcourt partner Lee Won-seok has not performed as well as expected.

So Lee had to do a lot of work. He is the only Korean player in Samsung to score double-digit points (10.0 points per game). But Lee is also suffering from opponent checks. Still, Lee should be released from the outside because it is Samsung’s only outside option.

Also, Samsung lost all of its last six games against Hyundai Mobis. It also lost eight games in 2024. That is why Samsung players need to step up their power. Lee Jung-hyun, the captain and top-ranked player, should take the lead in restoring the mood.

However, Lee has been excluded from the starting lineup. Acting coach Kim Hyo-beom changed the starting lineup in the first quarter before the game. The goal is to boost defense and energy from the beginning. The team plans to beef up its overall defensive energy level and deploy key resources including (Lee) Jung-hyun, (Kim) Sirae, and Coburn

However, as the lineup was mainly focused on defense, there was not enough manpower to solve problems outside the three-point line. Shin Dong-hyuk threw with confidence, but his three points also failed. For this reason, Samsung had a bad start. It trailed 6-13 in just 3 minutes and 35 seconds after the game started. Samsung, which had a bad start, requested the first timeout. 안전놀이터 #totosafedb.com/

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