In January 2013, the second leg of the League Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Swansea City. After losing the first leg 0-2, Chelsea, who did not score a goal until the end of the second half, are putting pressure on their opponents to turn things around. Chelsea’s star player Eden Hazard was controversial when he was sent off for a late kick of the ball by Swansea City’s ball boy, who missed his side defender.

Charlie Morgan, then a 17-year-old ballboy, came into the spotlight after Swansea City won the league cup that year. About 10 years later, Morgan came into the spotlight as a young businessman in England.

ESPNUK reported on the 24th that “A ball boy kicked by Hazard has become a millionaire now.” Morgan has been attracting attention as a young British wealthy man in various media, including the Sunday Times and The Times, since 2022 due to his sensational vodka business in the UK. His vodka became more popular as world-class soccer star Ronaldinho and boxing star Floyd Mayweather drank it.

ESPNUK reported, “Ballboy is now valued at £150 million (W254.9 billion).” Estimated at £40 million (W68 billion) in 2022, his business has more than tripled again in about a year.



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