The first 45 minutes for ‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae were difficult. Türkiye fans, known for being passionate, booed throughout the game. Perhaps due to the combination of long-distance flights and consecutive appearances, he made uncharacteristic mistakes and created dizzying situations. However, Kim Min-jae regained his game in the second half and contributed to his team’s victory.

Bayern Munich won 3-1 in the third match of Group A of the 2023-24 season UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Galatasaray held at the Neff Stadium in Turkye Istanbul on the morning of the 25th (Korean time). Strikers Kingsley Coman (France), Harry Kane (England), and Jamal Musiala (Germany) scored goals one after another. Galatasaray was only able to make up for one goal with a penalty kick (PK).

Galatasaray’s attack dominated the first 70 minutes. Galatasaray, supported by enthusiastic fans, dominated the game with strong pressure.

The turning point for Galatasaray started with Kim Min-jae’s defense. He intercepted a pass into the box and then handed the ball to his partner De Ligt. De Ligt led the team’s counterattack with a through ball that caught the team off guard. This led to Coman’s first goal in the 8th minute of the first half through Leroy Sane.

However, a rift appeared on Kim Min-jae’s side. Immediately after conceding a goal, Galatasaray Kerem Akturk-Olu attempted a bold bicycle kick in front of Kim Min-jae and resulted in an effective shot. It was a scene where goalkeeper Sven Ulreich’s save shined. Galatasaray then targeted the flanks and eventually balanced the game. Joshua Kimmich and Minjae Kim committed fouls while trying to block a cross from the left. A PK decision was made due to Kimmich’s deep tackle. Mauro Icardi, who took over as the kicker, balanced the game with a panenka (a slightly floating shot).

Afterwards, Galatasaray’s wave of attacks continued. In the 32nd minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae attempted to pass with his head while blocking Akturk-Olu’s infiltration, but instead gave the ball away. Ulreich’s save once again shone in a situation where he was on the verge of conceding a goal.

In the second half, Kim Min-jae regained his form. Galatasaray attempted cross attacks one after another, but all were blocked by Kim Min-jae and De Ligt. Munich gradually took control of the game, and eventually Kane and Musiala struck the net one after another to secure the win.

Kim Min-jae played full-time in 9 consecutive official matches for Munich, including this day. On this day, he recorded 2 clearings, 2 shooting blocks, 2 interceptions, 2 tackles, 4 successful ball duels, and 0 dribble penetration allowed.

The media’s evaluations were mixed. First, German media outlet Bild gave it a rating of 3 and said, “It was solid and good overall. “He was the best defender in Istanbul.” The lower the Bild rating, the better, and Minjae Kim received 3 points along with Mazraoui and De Ligt. Davis was last with 4 points, and Ulreich was the highest among defensemen with 2 points. On the other hand, British media 90min said, “It was a sloppy performance. “It’s not close to being at its best,” he criticized, giving the team the lowest rating of 5. 스포츠토토

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