In 2016, the second year, he won the “Deokchun Award,” the lowest number of strokes, and “World Cup star” Yuki Kawamura is considering a challenge abroad.

Currently, the most sought-after basketball player in Japan is Kawamura of the Yokohama Bikors. He instantly became Japan’s best guard by winning the MVP, Rookie of the Year, MIP, Best Five, and Assistance awards last season. He also became a big hit at the FIBA Basketball World Cup last year, and emerged as a World Cup star by leading Japan to the finals at the 2024 Paris Olympics. He failed to make the cut in all competitions he participated in, ranking second in Genesis points.

After that, he suffered a slump for a while. However, he achieved his first professional debut by winning the 2020 Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Cup Choi Kyung-ju Invitational final with a fantastic shot eagle after a close game that went to Game 4 of overtime.

Lee Chang-woo, who succeeded in reviving, competed in 17 competitions throughout 2021. He continued his performance by missing the cut in 11 competitions, including three in the top 10, and joined the army in December after the end of the season.

Lee continued physical and weight training during and after his military service. He gained eight kilograms compared to before joining the military. He also increased his shot distance by 10 meters. Currently, he is engaged in both short game training and practice, including putting and wedge shots. I am focusing on regaining my sense of play through rounds.”토토사이트

“I feel a lot of pressure to come back. But my goal is to win the title,” he said. “I will do my best to prepare for the opening game with the mindset that it is a new beginning. I will show my fans how much I have improved.”

Following Lee Chang-woo, Seo Hyung-seok will also return to the tour this season.

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