An incident occurred during the 2023-2024 Serie A match between Udinese and AS Roma at the Blue Energy Stadium in Udine, Italy, on the 15th (Korea time). Roman defender Ndica collapsed on the ground. As he collapsed without any contact, it was more urgent to check his condition. He was concerned about head or cardiopulmonary function abnormalities.

After first aid and on-the-spot inspection by medical staff, Ndika was fortunately conscious and was stretchered off. After consultation with both clubs, the judges decided to stop the game at 1-1 and play the rest of the time later.

Ndika’s tests showed that she did not have a heart attack and was recovering well. Balzaretti told radio’s ‘Series Con RDS’ that “Ndika is recovering well. It seems like more important times have passed. Our player Hasane Kamara stood by Ndika all evening. According to Kamara, “Dika calmly accepted the current situation.”

He also thanked the crowd for their reaction right after Ndika collapsed. He said, “Medical staff tried to check the pulse, but the stadium was too noisy to hear. Singing and shouting in the stadium are normal. However, when the medical staff asked for silence to hear the heartbeat, there was a 30-second silence. It is hard to believe. It was a great experience to see how great our fans are.”

In addition, fans of both teams cheered and applauded in unison when Ndika, who remained a beautiful scenery of the game, was transferred.

Balzaretti was a former star player who played in Rome and also played for the Italian national team. He was also a teammate of Roma coach Daniele Derosi. When Balzaretti heard from Derosi that Ndica should postpone the game until the player is confirmed, Udinese readily accepted the offer, and said the schedule of the game will be decided later on.

“Cursed Kane, if you come to the rival team, we can win too” mockery pouring out of no-man jinx

Harry Kane’s disgusting instinct to become a military officer has become prey to mischievous social media users.

Kane is one step closer to no win this season. Bayer 04 Leverkusen won 5-0 against Werder Bremen in the German Bundesliga on the 15th (Korea Standard Time). Leading Leverkusen had an amazing record of 25 wins and 4 wins with 79 points. The point gap with Bayern Munich, where Kane plays, is 16 points, with only five games left for each team. The victory is confirmed.

Bayern is the team that won the Bundesliga title for 11 consecutive seasons before recruiting star players such as Kane and Kim Min-jae. Moreover, because Bayern often won cup competitions, the year when it won more than two awards was similar to the year when it lifted only one trophy, but it ended up with no win.

A joke spread around the world that it was because of Kane. Kane is one of the best strikers in modern times, but has no experience of winning the title. Although he was the top scorer twice at the Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League, he was the runner-up in three competitions, falling short of winning the title several times. According to his team history, Son, who was a teammate of Tottenham, was the same, but he has an official record of winning the Asian Games. Kane did not even win the title when he was a member of the youth team.

Kane’s recent posts on his social networking service Instagram have received a series of comments that have nothing to do with his thoughts on the game. Most of the posts ridicule Kane’s indifference. Key comments included “Harry Kane’s curse is real,” “The name itself is the funniest in soccer’s history,” and “Harry Maguire 1 win, Harry Kane 0 win.” Soccer fans from Mexico and other countries responded at the same time, saying, “If you come to my team that I support, we will give up winning the title and just enjoy it,” and “If you come to our rival team, I think we will win the title.”

Tottenham fans were the exception. There were many requests to beat Arsenal. Kane played many derby rivalries with Arsenal during his time at Tottenham. Despite the change of league, he still faced Arsenal this season. It is the quarterfinal match of the UEFA Champions League. Kane scored a penalty kick goal in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw on the 10th. The second leg will be held at Bayern’s home on the 18th.

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