V-League Women’s Living History Yang Hyo-jin cited men’s game monitoring as the secret to the women’s first attack score of 5,500 points.

Leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction beat GS Caltex in the fourth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at home with a set score of 3-2 (30-28, 21-25, 25-16, 17-25, 19) at Suwon Indoor Stadium. The team has won four consecutive games, widening its gap with runner-up Heungkuk Life Insurance to five. Its season record is 17 wins and five losses (52 points).

Veteran middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin led his team to victory after a neck-and-neck race in the fifth set with 25 points (attack success rate of 52.50 percent) including four blocks.

Yang Hyo-jin, who met after the match, said, “The game was held in full set, and there were many rallies. I played like crazy. I was very embarrassed because I felt good about GS Caltex, but I was able to focus until the end and win.” “Especially in today’s game, it felt like all the players were playing together. Everyone tried to play their part in an exciting environment. As a result, I was more immersed in the game.”

Yang Hyo-jin added 21 offensive points on the day, becoming the first woman to reach 5500 offensive points (5505 points) in the V League. The gap with Hwang Yeon-ju (4848 points, Hyundai Engineering & Construction) in the second place is 657 points, which is the record achieved only by Park Chul-woo (5582, KEPCO) in the men’s team.

“How many points do you usually score in a season?” Yang said with a smile. “Thank you for scoring 5,500 points. I made 1,500 blocks before, and my first record always means a lot,” he said. “I hope I can win this season regardless of my scoring record.”

Yang chose monitoring men’s matches as the driving force behind his record. “I can’t do it like men’s players, but after watching men’s matches, I become conscious of trying to have stronger movements. It’s better to watch men’s matches when you’re timid,” Yang said. “I especially get impressed whenever I watch Shin Young-seok’s matches. He is a middle blocker but has excellent form and control. It inspires me a lot 안전놀이터

As mentioned earlier, Yang’s biggest goal is to achieve this season’s record and lift the trophy. Technically, the desire to win is far greater than the individual record.

This is because Hyundai Engineering & Construction failed to lift the trophy even though it topped the regular league twice in the 2019-2020 season and the 2021-2022 season. It wasn’t always a loss in the championship game. As the season ended early due to the COVID-19 incident, the championship game itself was not held.

Last season, the team lacked backbone. It broke the record for the most consecutive wins (16 consecutive wins) in the women’s team, but failed to qualify for the championship again after losing to Korea Expressway Corporation in the playoffs due to injuries to foreign players such as Yasmin and Libero Kim Yeon-kyeon

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