The possibility of Eric Dyer leaving Tottenham Hotspur has been raised.

“According to sources, Tottenham may sell Dyer before the summer transfer window ends. Dyer has been removed from coach Enze Postecoglu,” and reported, “Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr is showing interest in Dyer.”

Dyer’s contract with Tottenham only has one year left. He dreamed of a rebound under Posteco Glu’s managerial system. British media ‘Football London’ last month said, “Dyer is trying to stay in Tottenham. He is looking forward to directing Posteco Glu.”

However, Dyer appears to have already lost the trust of Postecolu. The last game of the pre-season was great. Tottenham faced FC Barcelona. At the moment when the flow was tight, Dyer’s poor defense was hampered. Dyer exposed defensive anxiety in all four runs scored by Tottenham.

In the end, Dyer was excluded from the list of opening games for the 2023-24 season, and there was no problem with his physical condition. Coach Postecoglou confirmed it himself. On the same day, Tottenham put new defenders Mickey van De Pen and Christian Romero as their starting center backs. Davinson Sanchez (26), who replaced Romero with an injury. Dyer was relegated to Tottenham’s fourth-choice central defender.

Fans lost trust in the defender who suffered a long slump. Dyer was the starting centre-back under manager Antonio Conte last season. It was difficult to see him as a key player for a team aiming for the top spot in the English Premier League (PL). He became the culprit behind Tottenham’s conceding goals due to frequent defensive mistakes. British media also criticized Dyer’s poor defense.

Some Tottenham spectators booed Dyer. In fact, there were also clashes with fans. During an FA Cup match against Norwich City in March 2020, Dyer was criticized for charging into abusive spectators.

‘Football London’ said, “Tottenham Hotspur fans’ trust in Dyer has already collapsed. As a result of the survey, only 21.9% of more than 10,000 respondents wanted Dyer to stay at Tottenham.”

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