There is a possibility that Andre Onana may be disciplined.

“Onana may be banned from playing for Manchester United due to FIFA regulations that are not widely known. He will play for the Cameroon national team in January next year for the Confederation of African Football (CAF). “It is expected that he will participate in the Nations Cup,” the report said.

He continued, “Onana left the national team and retired during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but returned after restoring his relationship with coach Rigobert Song. However, he may refuse to be called up to the Nations Cup to focus on his team, Manchester United. However, if Cameroon asks to play and Onana refuses, FIFA could impose sanctions on Manchester United, he added 먹튀검증

The FIFA rule highlighted by the media is that ‘players called up to the national team are not eligible to play for a registered club during the call-up period unless the relevant association agrees otherwise.’ There was a case in the past when Joel Matip, who retired from the Cameroon national team, almost received disciplinary action after being called up.

‘The Sun’ explained that if Onana is disciplined according to the relevant regulations, he may not be able to play in six games for Manchester United from January 13 to February 11.

Currently, Onana is pushed to the edge of a cliff. He entered Old Trafford this season as a replacement for David de Gea, but has been criticized for making big and small mistakes in every game. It was the same in the match against Galatasaray in the 5th match of Group A of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage held at the Neff Stadium in Turkye Istanbul on the 30th of last month. Onana bowed her head after conceding multiple free kicks to Hakim Ziyech.

Manchester United was unable to maintain a two-point lead and ended in a draw. After the game ended, pictures of Onana were circulating on social media. He threw his gloves on the floor, put his hands on his hips and looked blankly at the ground. It seemed as if his mentality had collapsed due to an unacceptable mistake.

Nevertheless, coach Erik ten Haag said, “In soccer, individual mistakes can make a difference. Responsibility for them is always shared by the team. We are very satisfied with our goalkeeper group. They are very good and great,” and said, “They are very good and excellent.” Wrapped around Onana. Men U will travel to Newcastle United in the Premier League (PL) at 5 a.m. on the 3rd.

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