Relum offers a diverse portfolio of over 14,000 games from more than 180 industry-leading providers and advanced engagement tools for player retention and revenue growth. The partnership ensures promotional tools are updated regularly to stay in line with the fast-moving player and market trends and growing demand for personalized experiences.

Spinomenal provides innovative and creative games with unique features that cater to every player’s preference and promotional tools to improve retention rates and contribute to business success.

Spinomenal is one of the fastest-growing iGaming suppliers, with more than 300 game releases. This number keeps growing as the team keeps pace with several new monthly game releases. These games are mobile-oriented and offer optimal graphics to stay available for a broader audience.

Relum’s CEO, Emil Hakobian, said: “Let this promising partnership be another chapter in the company’s story of pure success!”

BY: 바둑이게임

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