The British R&A and the United States Golf Association , which oversee golf rules around the world, have introduced golf ball distance performance limits that apply to both professionals and amateurs.

The R&A and the USGA officially announced on the 7th that the distance of PGA tour players has increased by about 30 yards over the past 25 years, and that this is a regulation limiting the performance of golf balls based on research findings that this is detrimental to the development of golf. announced that it had decided to introduce .

The amendment presented by the two organizations on this day limits the ball’s repulsion force so that it does not exceed a distance of 317 yards (3 yards of error) when hit at a swing speed of 125 miles per hour (approximately 201 km). This regulation applies to golfers of all levels, including men and women of all ages, professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists, and will be implemented at the elite level from 2028 and for recreational golfers from 2030.

The amendments announced on this day are slightly different from the ‘Model Golf Rules’ presented by the two organizations last March. At the time, plans were made to dualize golf rules, saying that golf ball performance restrictions would only apply to professional players, but this amendment was arranged to apply to everyone. Additionally, the swing speed application standard at the time was increased by 5 miles per hour from 120 miles per hour, and the launch angle was also increased from 10 degrees to 11 degrees.

It is known that if this rule is applied, the distance will be reduced by up to 15 yards for long hitters, 11 yards for the average tour pro, 7 yards for female pros, and 5 yards for general golfers.

The response from golf ball manufacturers, golf ball manufacturers, and players, including the PGA Tour, is not favorable. The PGA Tour, which had reacted negatively to golf ball distance performance restrictions since the announcement of the ‘Model Local Rule’ in March and protested by saying it would apply its own rules, said in a statement on this day, “The feedback we have sent to the two organizations has been applied to this announcement. “It is done,” he said, adding, “We will continue to share our views through discussions at the board of directors and elsewhere.” 안전놀이터

The Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour said, “Since the distance issue was not significant in women’s golf, we will continue to study how this amendment affects golf for female recreational golfers, youth, and amateurs and share the results.”

Most PGA Tour players are protesting, saying that turning back technological advancements runs counter to the development of golf, but Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) defended the R&A and USGA’s amendments, saying they will revive various golf technologies of the past. Tiger Woods has supported the previous dualization of pros and amateurs, saying, “It’s like wooden bats and aluminum bats in baseball.”

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