Where is the busiest place for trailers with exercise facilities on professional golf tours around the world? This is the PGA Tour Champions, where players over the age of 50 gather to compete. As this is a stage where physical strength and injury-free condition are the biggest weapons, PGA Tour Champions players spend the most time each day in the gym rather than on the practice range.

When I see the names of players competing on the PGA Tour Champions, my mouth drops open. This is because they are players who have performed the best in the past on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, including Bernhard Langer (Germany), Ernie Els (South Africa), Miguel Angel Jimenez (Spain), Kyung-Ju Choi, and Yong-Eun Yang. However, these players are engaged in a fierce competition for survival, leaving their former glory behind. 먹튀검증디비

The reason why people consistently visit the trailer located within the competition venue and the gym within the accommodation is because physical strength and strength decline rapidly after the age of 50. Yang Yong-eun, who is Asia’s first major champion and has been competing on the PGA Tour Champions since last year, said, “I can’t spend a season here on tour like I did in my 20s and 30s. He decided that he needed to increase his physical strength in order to play for a long time on the PGA Tour Champions, so he increased his exercise time,” he said. “Last year, I visited the gym about 3 times a week, but this year, I am working out more than 6 times a week. “I think I now understand why PGA Tour Champions players live with Dembel,” he explained.

Players active in the PGA Tour Champions do not blindly lift a lot of weight. Focus on increasing your physical strength and strength according to your individual body condition. Yang Yong-eun said, “When I was young, I was obsessed with weights such as squats and deadlifts to make driver shots go far, but now it is different. The most important thing is to not have any pain. “I am exercising with a focus on strengthening the muscles in areas that are painful or uncomfortable when swinging,” he emphasized.

He revealed that he also shares exercise methods with his colleagues. Yang Yong-eun said, “We have known each other for as little as 10 years and as long as 20 years, so we talk a lot with each other. “A topic that is often discussed is the secret to managing one’s physical condition,” he said. “As everyone feels that exercise is a necessity, not an option, we also tell each other about exercise methods that have been effective.”

Kyung-Joo Choi, who has eight wins and one win each on the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions, is also increasing his exercise volume every year. Choi Gyeong-ju said, “If he exercises like 10 years ago, he will never achieve good results. “I changed my exercise method as I got older,” he said. “If I rode a bicycle for 10 minutes in the past, I now ride it for at least 20 minutes.” The same goes for other exercises. “I keep increasing the intensity, doing what I heard 10 times 20 times,” he said, raising his voice.

Unlike in the past, special attention is paid to food intake and rest. Choi Gyeong-ju said, “I am trying to eat things that are good for my body. “Especially during the season, I eat food with a focus on consuming the protein needed to generate energy,” he said. “Rest is as important as exercising.” “I make sure to get enough rest, including sleeping for more than seven hours, to perform at my best when competing in competitions,” he said.

Langer, who has a total of 46 wins at the PGA Tour Champions and holds the record for being the oldest winner (65 years, 10 months, 5 days), is also known to spend his days at the gym. Golf experts cited thorough self-management as the reason why Langer’s name was given the title of aging backwards. Langer, who is 174cm tall, has been doing plank and dumbbell exercises every day to maintain his weight at 72kg since his professional debut.

“A golf ball doesn’t know my age,” Langer said. “I think the effort I put in day by day has made me who I am now,” he said. “I really enjoy the process of preparing to play a perfect game. “I think I will maintain the current method as long as I live as a professional golfer,” he explained.

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