Lee Do-heon, who completed his military service in the 15th Division, joins Korea Gas Corporation and awaits participation. 스포츠토토사이트

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation increased the number of available personnel by joining Kim Nak-hyeon on the 15th and Lee Do-heon on the 16th. Kim Nak-hyeon served in the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu), but Lee Do-heon spent 18 months on active duty.

Lee Do-heon gave his return greetings to the fans at the home game against Anyang Jeonggwanjang on the 21st.

Lee Do-heon, who met with Jeong Kwan-jang before the game, said, “I went to active duty. He served on the front lines of the 15th Division, Cheorwon GOP. “I was very disappointed that I couldn’t play basketball, but I made good memories and my mindset changed,” he said. “I’m so happy to be back on the team.” I saved up my vacation time (to use it right before I was discharged) and worked out a lot to help the team. “My physical condition is very good now,” he said of his return.

The conditions for playing basketball in Sangmu are not better than doing military service.

Lee Do-heon said, “These days, the military is doing well, so I exercise a lot. I went to a lot of sports competitions and got a lot of vacation time (laughs). I also played basketball once. If a player came out, it was said to be a foul and he could not come out after that. He also played a lot of soccer. “I was athletic, so soccer wasn’t bad,” he said. “I also played a lot of basketball because there were a lot of people who liked basketball.” I think my body improved because we played a lot of basketball together during physical training class. “I was lucky,” he said.

Lee Do-heon, who got into shape by doing skill training in Seoul during his vacation period right before being discharged from the military, said, “I saved up about 70 days (of vacation time). Because he worked at a guard post, he collected three days a month. He comes out early and does his workout separately so he is in good shape. He said, “It’s okay if we come here together, but I wanted to quickly get in shape (by exercising) separately, so I asked for a favor.” He added, “I also did a lot of running during my vacation. He played on and off the court. He continued the basics, including dribbling training, from scratch for two and a half months. I think I need to play in the D-League to get a feel for the game. Not much has come up yet. “The defense is not good enough,” he said.

When asked how he felt about returning to the team, Lee Do-heon said, “I missed my brothers so much. I said hello to his brothers and colleagues, and they all welcomed me. “I’m happy and happily integrated into the team,” he said. “Chabawi hyung welcomed me the most (laughter). “On the one hand, I’m happy because Cho Sang-yeol, Lee Dae-heon, Yang Jae-hyuk, and Choi Joo-young all welcome me and remember me.”

KOGAS has been working on a tight schedule since Do-heon Lee’s return to the company. Acting manager Kang Hyuk plans to accurately check Lee Do-heon’s sense of the game when he has free time in early December, and watch the game in the D-League to think about ways to utilize it.


Lee Do-heon said, “The tactics have changed a bit, so I’m adapting. He has just returned and needs to train more. He has many shortcomings. “We are lacking in terms of defense and team system,” he said. “Nak-hyun Kim is good in attack. He is confident in stopping the ace at any time on defense. “He will play in the D-League and increase his activity level to help the team win,” he pledged.

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