‘Seultepan Iseul’ Kang Iseul (KB Stars) once again showed off his presence by hitting a ‘shower of 3-pointers’ against the Japanese champion Eneos Sunflowers on the last day of the cup competition.

Kang Yi-seul scored 25 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists, including 5 3-pointers, in 31 minutes in the 3rd and 4th place ranking match of the ‘2023 Woori Bank Park Shin-ja Cup’ against Japanese champion Eneos Sunflowers held at Cheongju Gymnasium in North Chungcheong Province on the 3rd. On this day, he scored the most points among both teams and showed off his keen shooting sense. However, the team was unable to block Eneos’ fast attack and lost 74-79.

Kang Yi-seul, who is also the national representative of Hangzhou AG, is having a busier summer than ever. After competing in the 2023 International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Women’s Asia Cup, which ended last July, she continued training at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village and returned to Cheongju for the cup competition.

Even in a tight schedule, Kang Yi-seul’s fingertips were hot. Kang Yi-seul scored 27 points, including 7 3-pointers, in the first group match against Eneos, defeating the Japanese champion. At the time, she even said that the enemy commander was ‘at a very high level’.

Kang I-seul was silent in the subsequent match against Bucheon Hana One Q with 4 points. However, he continued to score double-digit scores in the Busan BNK match (16 points), the Philippines national team match (13 points), and the Toyota Antelopes match (15 points). Kang Yi-seul performed well in this tournament, including today’s game, with an average of 16.6 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and a 3-point shooting percentage of 43%.

Kang Yi-seul, who finished the competition in 4th place, now turns her attention to Hangzhou. He met with this newspaper after the game and said, “I am disappointed that we lost the last game in a situation where the schedule has been tight recently,” but he reflected, “I think we have found a problem that we need to solve.” When asked about that homework, he said, “It was the same with the national team, so there was a time when we relied on (Park) Ji-soo whenever we were in trouble. “I think we must resolve this issue today and in the future as well,” he emphasized.

In fact, ‘Basketball Queen’ Park Ji-su performed like the team’s ace during the tournament, but left the court after playing only 8 minutes that day. He never returned to the court after that. KB coach Kim Wan-soo said, “There were some parts where (Park) Ji-soo was not happy due to the successive game schedules. “Because we had an international competition coming up, we changed it for condition management purposes,” he explained. However, KB was unable to resolve Park Ji-soo’s absence. In the upcoming Hangzhou AG, while Park Ji-soo is absent, the remaining players are in desperate need of performance.

Kang Yi-seul, who showed off his fierce 3-point shooting sense before the international competition, said about Hangzhou AG, “I was very disappointed with my recent performance with the national team. I feel a great sense of responsibility. “My goal is to win a medal at this competition,” he emphasized.

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