Samsung added one injured person in the game against LG on the 6th. It was Albert Suarez, a foreign pitcher who was the starting pitcher that day. He was injured and left the mound almost immediately after the start of the game.

Suarez complained of pain in his left calf while running to cover first base when Kim Hyun-soo hit right after two shots in the first inning when the match was 0-0.

Suarez, who was limping and complaining of pain, was eventually replaced by right-hander Lee Seung-hyun and transferred to a hospital for a thorough examination.

If the starting pitcher goes down from the first inning, there is no way that the game will go well. Samsung eventually lost 4-7 and failed to sweep three consecutive games.

Suarez’s post-match examination results came out. The left gastric ulcer (calf muscle) was found to have been damaged by about 12cm. A club official said, “It is expected to take about four weeks to recover.”

It means you can’t see Suarez in August. This is lightning news for Samsung, which was looking for a rebound.

Samsung, which had been at the bottom since June 22, began to rebound gradually from July, and its monthly winning rate exceeded 50% for the first time since April with 9 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses in July, and Suarez also helped raise these results.

Suarez has not given up a single point in three unbeaten games and two wins and a 0.19 ERA in the month of July. His good pitching allowed the team to rebound.

He started 19 games before his injury, recording 4 wins, 7 losses, and a 3.92 ERA, and had 10 quality starts (more than 6 innings and less than 3 earned runs) with little victory. He threw well, but the victory didn’t follow.

Although the domestic starters are weak, the existing three starters, including David Buchanan and Won Tae-in, were stable, and veteran Baek Jung-hyun returned on July 30 to help, which made Samsung’s average ERA in July 3.00, ranking second out of 10 clubs.

Samsung, which maintained a 50% winning rate in August, was on the verge of escaping from the bottom, but was greatly disrupted by Suarez’s absence, and as of the 8th, Samsung is in 10th place without a difference with Kiwoom.

This season, Samsung suffered from line injuries of its main players. Outfielders Kim Hyun-joon and Kim Dong-yeop, catchers Kim Jae-sung and Kim Tae-gun (currently KIA) were injured in April. Baek Jung-hyun also complained of pain in his left elbow at the end of June and was away for a month, and center hitters Koo Ja-wook and Oh Jae-il were absent due to hamstring injuries. In fact, it means that Samsung has never played a “complete pitch” this season.

As most batters returned from injury, there was a gap in the pitch this time. Now Samsung has to work hard to fill Suarez’s vacancy for about a month.

Kim Dae-woo, Jang Pil-joon, Yang Chang-seop, Heo Yoon-dong, and Choi Ha-neul, who are taking selection classes at Futures, are the candidates.

The schedule is not good either. Samsung will go on a six-game expedition from the 8th to the 13th. The opponents are the top five teams, including Doosan and SSG. It’s hard for Samsung to get out of the hurdles.

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