“We are in contact in many ways.”

KB Insurance, led by head coach Hu In-jeong, lost 0-3 to Woori Card at the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament at Gumi Park Chung-hee Gymnasium on the 8th, recording its second consecutive qualifying victory.

Following the match against OK Financial Group, the first game of the tournament, they were completely defeated without winning another set. Son Joon-young was active with 22 points, the most in both teams, but ace Hwang Kyung-min’s nine-point attack success rate was only 33%, and above all, it was a defeat that collapsed with 29 crimes.

After the match, coach Hu In-jeong said, “I had a tough game because I couldn’t manage the room more than anything else. Mistakes may come out during the game, but I think it can be a strong team or a weak team depending on how to reduce the mistakes.”
“In general, there are reasons for everything. As the coach, I am responsible for the content of this game coming out. The players who run the game also have problems. It’s not anyone’s problem. We need to check when preparing for the season.”

Son Jun-young played a big role, but no one from the side could help.

Director Hu In-jeong said, “I showed all my abilities. However, volleyball cannot be won alone. Seniors and juniors should have helped, but it was a pity.”

KB Insurance’s central depth is weak. Park Jin-woo left for Woori Card as Na Gyeong-bok’s FA compensation player, leaving only Kim Hong-jeong, Woo Sang-jo, and Choi Yo-han. Apposite Spiker I tried using Min Korean as a middle blocker, but it didn’t have much effect.

Coach Hu In-jeong said, “We are in contact with six clubs. In order to reinforce the middle blocker, you have to trade with other teams, but they are making contact in various ways. I plan to reinforce it before the season,” he said.

In the 1st and 2nd sets, Korean Min-Woo Sang-jo came out first. However, Korean Min scored 2 points and Woo Sang-jo scored no points. In the 3rd set, Kim Hong-jeong and Choi Yo-han came out, but both players only scored 2 points each. Woori Card’s middle blockers Choi Seok-ki and Park Jun-hyeok don’t have many points, but considering that they helped the side strikers by raising 6 and 5 points respectively, this is a disappointing record.

Coach Hu In-jeong said, “At the beginning, Min Han-Woo Sang-jo played, but there was something to do in the middle, so I was looking forward to it, but it didn’t come out as expected. I changed it to change the atmosphere of the match,” he explained the reason for the replacement.

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