Shohei Ohtani (LA Dodgers) felt back pain.

Ohtani came out twice as a designated hitter against the San Diego Padres in the 2024 Major League Baseball at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 12th (Korea time) and scored one walk and one run in three times at bat.

Ohtani came to bat for the first time in the top of the first inning with one out and no runner. Matt Waldron swung his bat at a 92.7 mph fastball at 2B2S. However, he was out after a fly ball to left field.

Ohtani took his second at-bat in the top of the third inning with two outs and runners on second base with a 1-0 lead. Waldron’s 80.8 mph (130 kph) knuckle curve from 1B1S was pushed and hit, which was caught this time by left fielder Jurickson Profar. Ohtani missed a chance to run away.

With one out and runners on first base in the top of the sixth inning, Ohtani had a close game with Waldron to the full count and walked to get on base. Waldron then came off the mound. Adrian Morejon came up. Then Freddie Freeman hit a fly ball to left field and Will Smith and Max Muncy walked to get on base, then the bases loaded, and Teoscar Hernandez hit a grand slam. The Dodgers went on a 5-0 run.

Ohtani took his fourth at-bat in the top of the seventh inning, with one out and runners on first and second. He turned his bat to Johnny Brito’s sinker at 96.5 mph, but the ball went in front of the pitcher. He was thrown out at first base. Meanwhile, the runners advanced by base, but did not lead to a run.

Ohtani’s at-bat came after James Outman and Mookie Betts grounded out in the top of the ninth inning with the Dodgers leading 5-0. However, pinch hitter Kikke Hernandez came out to bat instead of Ohtani and struck out.

After the game, it was revealed why Ohtani did not come out to his last at-bat in the top of the ninth inning, which was a back problem.

The official major league website “ ” said, “Otani was replaced by Kiké Hernández because he complained of back pain.” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said this in the last game of the three consecutive games on the 13th, although he does not know exactly when Ohtani first felt uncomfortable. He is not expected to play as a designated hitter, but Roberts said there are “low” concerns about Ohtani’s long-term injury

“I’ve only spoken to the trainers, I haven’t spoken to Ohtani directly yet, but it’s definitely a more precautionary step because the injury is minimal at the moment,” Roberts said.

Ohtani signed a 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract with the Dodgers ahead of this season. He underwent elbow surgery at the end of last season and is now focusing on batting this season.

In 40 games this season, he has 56 hits, 11 homers, 27 RBIs, 33 runs scored, and a batting average of 0.352 OPS 1.090. He has formed a formidable top-ranked lineup with Betts and Freeman, contributing to the Dodgers’ rise.


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