Antoine Griezmann was breathing with fans cheering for her surfing during the game. From the first day to the last day of entry, we provided the best fan service.

Atletico Madrid won 2-1 against Manchester City in the second leg of the “Coupang Play Series” at 8:40 p.m. on the 30th at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Atletico played against “Team K League” on the 27th, and Atletico, which lost 2-3 at the time, faced “European strongest” Manchester City in the last pre-season friendly match in Korea. Manchester City achieved a treble last season, and the English Premier League (EPL), Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), and the English FA Cup all topped the list.

But Atletico were also one of the strongest teams in Europe. Many of the key players in the game were selected. Atletico was based on the 3-5-2 formation, with Griezmann and Morata as the two-top players, while Reno, Coquet, Lemar, DePaul and Azpilicueta as midfielders. Hermoso, Beechel, and Sawinji started the three-back. Goalkeeper gloves are worn by O’Block.

However, before the match, a sudden downpour began to pour. As a result, the kickoff time was delayed by 30 minutes. Fortunately, however, the rain gradually weakened, and the game was able to proceed normally only after another 10 minutes of delay.

Both teams fought fiercely from the beginning of the first half. No goals were scored in the first half, but the players’ excellent ball control and quick transitions between offense and defense and left and right transitions were literally eye-opening. Atletico and Man City both changed their players at the beginning of the second half and checked their teams as a whole.

First, Manchester City was substituted in the 10th minute of the second half, and then Atletico replaced Morata, Griezmann, Coque, Lemar, DePaul, Reno, Azpilicueta, Ermoso, Vitzel, DePay, Correa, Barrios, Llorente, Saul, Richelme, Carrasco, Costis and Mourinho in the 16th minute of the second half.

As the Atletico players headed to the bench, there was a loud cheer. This is because some players, including Griezmann, smiled and waved at the audience. It didn’t end here. As the atmosphere heated up with DeFi’s goal, surfing cheering began in the stands, and about 60,000 fans began to cheer.

Griezmann, who saw this, also interacted with the fans. As the wave of surfing came while looking at the audience, the fans responded, and they raised their hands together and enjoyed it.

It was a perfect example of fan service that can be shown in a pre-season tour friendly. The Atletico squad, including Griezmann, showed tremendous fan service from the arrival site. Despite the long-distance flight and tight schedule, he signed autographs and took pictures for fans who came to meet him at the airport.

It was the same after that. He was caught waving to the fans during open training as well as warming up on the day of the game. Here, they showed their support for riding the waves together. Griezmann and Atlético players left another good example for visiting overseas teams.

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