“Danilo was out due to injury and Emerson was selected in his place.” Danilo suffered muscle pain during the match against Venezuela, which prevented him from playing for Uruguay. Instead, Emerson was selected and is scheduled to play in the match against Uruguay.

Tottenham Hotspur, who had been without a clear right-back since Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier, recruited Emerson from Barcelona. Expectations were high for him, who was a top right-back in Spain’s La Liga and was solidifying his position in the Brazilian national team. Although he was consistently given opportunities, he performed poorly. He was not able to perform to his full potential, and he was particularly lacking defensively, so he was pointed out as the culprit of the defensive ups and downs. He was pushed out by Matt Doherty and looked like he would lose his position as Jed Spence was brought in.

But coach Antonio Conte gave him a chance. Nevertheless, Emerson, who was struggling, surprised everyone with his surprising performance after Pedro Foro joined this winter. His defensive skills have improved tremendously and his offense has improved as well. In addition to Emerson, who was on the rise, even Poro successfully adapted, so it seemed like there would be no worries about right fullback.

Emerson, who was called up to the Brazilian national team thanks to his upward trend, suffered an injury. Emerson, who returned from injury, established a competitive system with Foro under coach Anger Postecoglou. Currently, prisoners have the upper hand. Foro is showing what Coach Postekoglou wants by performing not only wide play but also center-oriented movements well. Due to the captivity, Emerson had to keep the bench more often.

Even though they were outnumbered by Tottenham, Brazil called up Emerson. Brazil, which has few competitive fullbacks, summoned Emerson again after 7 months, whose last international appearance was in March 2023. Unless there is an upset, Emerson is scheduled to start as a starter in the match against Uruguay. Attention is being paid to whether Emerson, whose position is ambiguous both at Tottenham and in Brazil, will use this opportunity as a starting point for a rebound.

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