Jung Da-woon , who plays for the UFC, a U.S. mixed martial arts (MMA) group, eventually fell into a swamp of three consecutive losses. He failed to surpass Carlos Woolberg (32, New Zealand), further distancing his dream of entering the rankings.

Jung Daun lost the submission to Woolberg in the third round at 4:49 in the undercard main event of the “UFC 293: Adesanya VS Strickland” competition at Kudos Bank Arena in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on the 10th. Jung Da-woon had a career record of 15 wins, 1 draw, and 5 losses in MMA, and Woolberg had 9 wins and 1 loss.

Jung Da-woon, who lost to Dustin Jacoby and Devin Clark (USA) in a row earlier, also lost to Wolberg and recorded his first three consecutive career titles. On the other hand, Woolberg, who beat Jung Da-woon, won five consecutive games since entering the UFC and also left a meaningful record of his first career submission victory. In particular, Woolberg’s victory also raised the possibility of entering the rankings.

At the beginning of the first round, the two exchanged kick battles. Jung Da-woon carefully played the game and targeted the Wolberg with a focus on carp kicks. With about a minute left before the end, Jung Down was once down by Wolberg’s punch rush. Although it managed to overcome the crisis, commentator Kim Doo-hwan pointed out, “The first round is definitely Ulberg’s round.”

Jung Da-woon repeatedly kicked Wolberg in the second round. Wolberg, who was ahead of the jab fight, widened his distance and ran the game mainly with his front hands. Wolberg, who allowed more than 20 leg kicks, was also tied up, but Jung Da-woon’s face turned red.

Jung Da-woon, who was pushed back in the previous two rounds, tried to put active pressure on the third round. Woolberg kept his distance by circling the octagon. Jung Da-woon succeeded in taking down once, but he couldn’t press it. Rather, during a mud fight, Woolberg succeeded in taking down and poured out foundations. Wolberg even tried to choke at the last minute, but the ball rang at the end of the game.

Wolberg’s decision was likely to win, but the referee did not recognize Jung Da-woon’s tap, which was hit by a rear-naked choke. Jung Da-woon knocked on the floor of the Octagon with 11 seconds left before the end of the game, and it was finally decided that Wolberg won the third round at 4:49 minutes.

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