The Oakland Athletics , which will have to overcome many obstacles before moving the team to Las Vegas in 2028, decided to first address the “urgent” temporary home stadium issue.

Citing the San Francisco Chronicle, foreign media ESPN reported that A team officials will meet with Oakland city officials on the 10th (Friday) before moving to Las Vegas in 2028 to use a temporary home stadium.

According to the release, the Ogeland Coliseum, currently home to the Athletics, will be available by the end of 2024, and the team will likely have to find temporary accommodation for three seasons before moving into a new home. Under these circumstances, the team and city officials have already continued talks through various channels, but this is the first time the issue has been dealt with “officially.”

Until now, the team has sought temporary solutions by utilizing the baseball field currently used by the minor league team in Sacramento, California, or the home of the nearby San Francisco Giants. It has also reportedly considered utilizing the home of the Triple-A minor league team outside Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, when Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed her negative opinion on his team’s move to Las Vegas last week, saying, “We need to find a way to stay in Oakland,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred responded by saying, “We will not open the stadium on the opening day of 2028. I will be disappointed if I can’t do it.”

ESPN reported afterward that Mayor Goodman said, “MLB is expected to establish a team in Las Vegas.” However, the problem is that the mayor’s office does not have jurisdiction over the strip area where the new ballpark will be located. He pointed out that it is in Clark County.

The city of Las Vegas had previously proposed a jurisdiction, the city’s northern district, before a new ballpark site was decided, but the club chose the strip district located in Paradise, south of the city. #먹튀검증디비

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