Setter Lee Da-young, who recently signed a contract with Bolero Le Canet in the French league, departed for France through Incheon International Airport on the 5th.

Lee Da-young appeared in front of domestic reporters before leaving the country. It has been about two and a half years since her departure from Heungkuk Life Insurance that she has been publicly in front of many reporters. Lee Da-young left her team in 2021 amid controversy over school violence in middle school. She has since given individual media interviews, but this is her first time in front of multiple reporters.

On this day, Lee Da-young brought up a very shocking story. While she made an apology related to school violence, she was at Heungkuk Life Insurance. Lee Da-young did not reveal the name of a specific player. He said ‘that player’, but the party to the discord is Kim Yeon-kyung.

Lee Da-young talked about Kim Yeon-kyung like this. “You think I did this (specific action) to that player, but he never hit me on the cheek while he was at Heungkuk Life Insurance. Things like that happened.”

I doubted my ears after listening to the on-site comment recorded by My Daily reporter. Did you never hit Kim Yeon-kyung with Lee Da-young’s ball? That’s because it was a story that didn’t make sense.

Lee Da-young joined Heungkuk Life Insurance, where Kim Yeon-kyung played, as a free agent after the 2019-2020 season. And it was in February 2021 that the incident happened. Then, for about half a year, Kim Yeon-kyung did not hit Lee Da-young’s ball. In volleyball, which is not an individual event but a team event, the striker did not hit the setter’s ball?

As a result of checking, there was an error in Lee Da-young’s comment. In the game, Lee Da-young’s toss was attacked by Kim Yeon-kyung. If she didn’t attack, it would have a huge impact, so Kim Yeon-kyung and Lee Da-young pretended to be breathing.

However, during Heungkuk Life Insurance practice, Lee Da-young was right. Kim Yeon-kyung said that from a certain point on, when Lee Da-young trained as a setter, people around her said that she fell out. Yeon-Kyung Kim said she practiced standing then when another candidate setter came in.

I am not interested in why Kim Yeon-kyung treated Lee Da-young as a ‘shadow’. There are many stories about this and that between the two, but that is only the private life of the two. You have to respect it.

The problem is that during practice time, the team’s main striker did not deal with the team’s main setter’s ball, but the coach left it alone.

At that time, I can’t help but wonder how coach Park Mi-hee managed the players to leave them alone even after watching a scene where one player overtook another.

No matter how much Kim Yeon-kyung is a world star, she is only a player on a team. There has been a situation of ignoring the coach and ignoring the team for months, but the coach has not taken any action. If Kim Yeon-kyung gave instructions but did not correct them and ignored them, it would be a rebellion.

In November last year, English Premier League (EPL) coach Eric Ten Haag kicked Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United). He sat on the bench without putting Ronaldo on the starting line for not listening to the coach, including not participating in pre-season training in July after the season began.

Ronaldo publicly complained, but Ten Haag responded with the manager’s ‘management’. In the end, Ronaldo left the team and Manchester United won the Carabao Cup three months later. In the English Premier League, he proudly moved to third place and returned to the Champions League.

This is the basic role of a director. There is a player who ruins the team atmosphere, but neglecting it means that the coach was attracted to a specific player, not the entire team.

‘No player is bigger than the team,’ said the famous soccer coach. Because Lee Da-young’s words are true, Park Mi-hee has now become a really incompetent director who has forgotten even the basic role.

(I contacted former director Park Mi-hee to hear an explanation of Lee Da-young’s claim, but there was no answer, and I will publish an article when former director Park Mi-hee clarifies.)

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